Abstract lines and structures combined with organic shapes are connected by areas of color. The bright color palette accentuates the layering, radiates tranquility, creates order and expresses emotions. In the painting series 'Urbanization' I give my impressions of metropolises such as Tokyo, Beijing, Quito and Brasilia in abstract colorful canvases.

Much of my work is 'circular' because I process existing materials into new objects. The series 'Outer layers' consists of mixed media works based on mulberry bark processed with pigments, acrylic paint, charcoal and epoxy. Reusing paper, wood, metal, rubber and plastic gives a surprising dimension and at the same time stands for awareness, sustainability and change. A number of paintings have handmade (Japanese) paper, packaging material or papier mâché as a carrier. The abstract lines and shapes applied with acrylic paint get a special effect due to the irregular background.